Loss Prevention Team
In serving the major P&I Clubs and Underwriters over the course of the last decade we have built our own in-house team comprising of experienced Marine Surveyors for catering to the loss prevention survey needs of the Members and in assisting them to prevent/minimise their exposure to claims.
Our Solutions
Ship Condition Surveys (P&I and H&M), Pre-Shipment Inspection and Pre-Purchase Survey, Off Hire Survey, Towage Supervision, Salvage Supervision, Draft Survey, Tally Supervision, Continuous Discharge Monitoring, Management Audits.
What Makes Us Unique
Our team of marine surveyors and claims processing staff have built life-long relationships with the IG P&I Clubs by providing constant, professional and successful solutions to the major P&I loss prevention surveys in Bangladesh.
Our surveyor’s care to keep our clients updated and informed throughout their attendance. Upon completion of their attendance they issue accurate, concise and factual reports, providing complete and detailed record of their inpection.